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Children with ADHD and qualifying for SSI benefits

Categorized as a disorder in which those impacted exhibit problems with impulsiveness, over-activity and inattentiveness, today many children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many with ADHD may benefit from medication as well as a variety of behavioral interventions. Those with severe ADHD may also qualify for supplemental security income benefits.

In order for a child to qualify for SSI benefits, they must be formally diagnosed with a disorder or disease currently approved by the Department of Social Security. While ADHD is currently included in the list of disorders for which children can receive SSI benefits, the requirements for approval of such are difficult to meet.

In order for a child with ADHD to qualify for SSI benefits, their condition must be extremely disruptive and problematic. A child must exhibit problems and behaviors that meet certain standards. For example a child must exhibit difficulty acquiring and using information as well as completing tasks. Other problems listed in the qualifying criteria include difficulty interacting with others, caring for oneself and manipulating objects.

An important factor in whether a child with ADHD qualifies for SSI benefits is the severity of the impairments and resulting restrictions. Parents planning to apply for SSI benefits for their child should be sure to document difficulties and problems at school, daycare and the home.

Because of the prevalence of children diagnosed with ADHD, nearly 80 percent of SSI claims for children are denied. It's wise, then for parents who truly believe their child meets the necessary requirements to consult with an attorney who is skilled and experienced in handling SSI claims.

Source: Delmarva Now, "Can ADHD children get SSI benefits?" Robert McCraig, Oct. 14, 2012

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